Almada Muse: Isabelle Hartmann

Almada Muse: Isabelle Hartmann

We're always inspired by passionate and driven women who perfectly balance work and family time in the midst of their busy everyday lives. We asked our muse, Isabelle Hartmann, to share her routines and self-care habits as an entrepreneur and mother. Sharing the common excitement for the fall season, we talked about the beauty of layering and chic knitwear.

Tell a bit about yourself?

My name is Isabelle, I’m a content creator based in Hamburg, Germany. I graduated in fashion management and worked full time as a model for 6 years until I discovered that I enjoy the creative part so much more than "just“ being in front of the camera. The biggest joy of my life is my little family - my son Carlo and my husband Felix.

What is a typical day for you in Hamburg?

My little boy usually wakes up around 6, then we have coffee and playtime in bed. During summer we go outside for early walks and spend a lot of time at playgrounds. I usually start working around 11-12 when he naps and then we get a lot of help from my parents so that we can get all the work done - plan concepts, search for moods and shoot projects. After a long day, I love to hang out with my hubby or go out for dinner and drinks with my friends.

Your favorite self-care habits, how do you best wind down?

I love to take a hot bath, take a massage or get a facial. And soul food also never disappoints ;-)

What are you looking forward to this fall stylewise? Where do you find style inspiration?

Oh I LOVE fall. It’s definitely my favorite season in terms of looks. I love layers - knitwear paired with shorts and a blazer for the early fall days and oversized suits with coats for the colder days. I find style inspiration mostly on the street - especially when I travel and get to see inspiring women.

Your 5 must-have wardrobe staples?

The perfect oversized black blazer, a cashmere knit that feels like home, a white tank in a great quality, a well fitted pair of denim, and a little black dress.

Your favorite Almada piece and how would you style it?

This is a tough question since I adore all of my Almada pieces. I think the one that I wear most often is the grey crewneck - it just goes with everything and always looks so chic. I was living in the striped pullover during summer. I wore it over dresses, with denim and shorts, or with my white linen pants. 

My current crush is the cream Sue dress, it feels like heaven and looks so chic! During the day I like to wear it with Havaianas or my Chanel Dad Sandals, and for the evening I dress it up with some heels.

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