Almada Muse: Vilma Bergenheim

Almada Muse: Vilma Bergenheim

We hung out with our muse Vilma Bergenheim on a sunny spring day and asked her to share with us her wholesome lifestyle between two homes ocean apart. We got a tour of her wardrobe filled with the perfect selection of everyday pieces, including her Almada favorites. 

Tell a bit about yourself?

Hello, I'm Vilma - model, influencer, and mom to Tyson 9 years old. I love traveling, good food, and long dinners with my friends and family. I also enjoy sports, especially tennis, and long walks with my husband and son. Besides living in Helsinki, our second home is in Florida. We used to live there for five years, so that place has a special place in my heart. 

"I feel I've found my style only now, in my late 30s early 40s"

What is a typical day for you in Florida?

My typical day in Florida starts with a morning walk on the beach or a swim. For breakfast, I always have a healthy smoothie or smoothie bowl and the days usually consist of lots of outside time with my family. If I'm on holiday, I tend to eat out at my favorite healthy restaurants or cook at home and relax together with my family. If we have time, we love to go to Panthers hockey games! 

Is your lifestyle much different in Florida than in Finland? 

Yes, my lifestyle in Florida is much slower and healthier. I spend more time with my family and doing outdoor activities. In general, my life is less stressful in Florida. 

Where do you find style inspiration? 

I find style inspiration mostly from Instagram and when traveling. I love people watching at cafes and restaurants. 

Has your modeling career impacted your style? 

I feel I've found my style only now, in my late 30s early 40s, so I don't think my modeling career has impacted my style. 

Your 5 must-have wardrobe essentials?

Blazers in all colors for sure! Jeans in different styles and colors, a nice Almada sweater, a perfect pair of suit pants, and a mini skirt - I love mini skirts! 

Your favorite Almada piece and how would you style it?

Oh, I love all of Almada sweaters! My favorite must be my most worn grey Flo Crewneck Sweater. I wear it a lot with sweatpants at home, leggings, jeans, suit pants when traveling or even with shorts. Also for summer, I love the Lou Bustier Top with jeans or shorts. 

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