Collaboration with our muse Isabelle Hartmann

Collaboration with our muse Isabelle Hartmann

We collaborated with our inspiring muse, Isabelle Hartmann and created a a very special piece to our collection. It all started when we had a talk about festive style. We all agreed that it is hard to find a festive piece that can be easily styled to suit everything from casual afterworks to evening galas. After the talk we were really inspired and we gave Isabelle free hands to design us a piece for this purpose. We knew Isabelle's style fits perfectly with Almada's DNA but at the same time we knew she was able to bring something completely new to our collection. 

The Isabelle Wrap Top is stunning and we are so in love with it! It's the perfect seasonless piece for all festive celebrations to come.

How was the design process?

It was a long but beautiful journey! Almada and I started the collab back in summer, I flew to Helsinki with my agent Alessandra and met Alexa and Linda there for the first time. We exchanged some ideas already before our meeting so we could fit the first samples there - but until we made the perfect final piece many alterations were made.

what inspired you when designing the top?

I was looking for the perfect top - that is sexy but still not showing too much and it was so hard to find. Then I found a vintage Mugler dress from the 80's that had a little twist detail in the front and that dress became my inspiration when designing the piece.

How would you style the top for a festive night?

With a long skirt or a suit pants, paired with heels and some fancy earrings.

How would you style the top for a casual look?

With a denim or casual suit pant, boots and a Almada Cardigan on top.

When and where do you look forward to wearing this top?

We’re flying to Paris for my husbands Felix birthday in December and I think it’s the perfect occasion to wear it! Looking super chic but it still keeps you warm.

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Isabelle wrap top