Almada Muse: Suada Rrahmani

Almada Muse: Suada Rrahmani

We met our muse Suada Rrahmani and asked her to share with us a glimpse of her lifestyle as a florist and mom of two in São Paulo - as well as her style tips. As she took us to her favorite spots in Helsinki we got to hear the secret behind her cheerful life-loving spirit and how places and people are one of her biggest inspirations both career and style vise.

Tell a bit about yourself?

My name Suada means happiness in Arabic. I feel very lucky about it since I've got a big bunch of happiness in me, and I believe that my name has given me a greater meaning in life. My parents are from Kosovo, and I grew up in Finland which I love for its hygge mentality, beautiful nature, and design. 

I've always been super curious about cultures and life in general and ended up moving for love to Brazil six years ago. The Brazilian weather, lifestyle, and people make me feel like everything is possible. My lifestyle there is wonderful as I enjoy our everyday life a lot. We travel to our mountain place with our kids almost every weekend or simply enjoy the sunny beach life. Besides being a mom, I'm a florist, which turned from a hobby to real-life work by accident.

"I believe my name has given me a greater meaning in life"

What is a typical day for you in Brazil?

I go to a boteco to have my morning "laranja" orange juice and coffee, talk about life to at least six different strangers and enjoy the sunny weather! I once told a friend of mine that São Paulo is like living on a Friday every day. In a city that offers absolutely everything, you end up doing something new after work every day!  

Where do you find style inspiration? 

The streets! Especially in Paris where people have unique styles so you don't see the same outfit over and over again, which is often the case in Finland. I love to see a woman loving her outfit and wearing it with confidence. A good color combo always makes me inspired to try something crazy myself.

Your 5 must-have wardrobe essentials?

The perfect pair of jeans for sure, a t-shirt, a cashmere sweater, a crazy colorful jacket that goes with everything, and a pair of comfortable sneakers from New Balance.

Your style advice for packing when traveling?

To be honest, I'm the worst when it comes to packing! Let's say, take what you usually love to wear and different jewelry to make it feel "new”.

Your favorite Almada piece and how would you style it?

Seriously I haven’t seen a brand that makes me want to have the entire collection for a while. If I had to choose one, it would be the grey Alma Turtleneck as it's so comfortable and versatile. Perfect for being at home with kids and going for drinks with friends.

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