Almada Label is a brand founded by two best friends Alexa Dagmar & Linda Juhola. The vision was clear for them from the beginning: we wanted to create a brand with high quality clothing pieces with affordable prices and timeless designs - pieces that are made to last from season to season. 

But the journey there wasn’t easy.. After years of research, preparation, failure, bad samples and almost giving up on many different occasions, Almada Label was finally born in 2020 and launched their first collection in September 2020. Funnily enough for the time being, both Alexa & Linda were pregnant with their first babies, while at the same time creating their mutual baby Almada Label. 2020 will forever mark one of the most meaningful years in our lives: the year that made us mothers & owners of our own brand.

We design pieces that we love, and hope you will love too. Our desire is that our clothes would make women feel confident & comfortable in their everyday life.




All of our products are made in Portugal, in a factory located a bit outside the city of Porto. The factory has been in the clothing industry from the early 90’s and has many years of expertise within manufacturing especially tailored clothing items, knitwear & outerwear. Among its’ clients are several known European fashion brands. The factory employees about 100 people, all of them working regular work week, Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm including breaks.  


Our factory is WCA-certified (Workplace Conditions Assessment).  We have visited the facilities many times to check the working conditions and to establish a good relationship with the team working there.