75% Naia ™  Eastman acetate
25% polyester 
Made in Tongxiang, China
Light-weight non stretchy fabric

    Origin of acetate: USA
    Origin of polyester: China
    Yarn manufacturing: Shaoxing, China
    Garment manufacturing: Tongxiang, China
    Design: Almada Label team Helsinki, Finland

    Naia™ cellulosic fiber addresses one of the biggest challenges in the textile industry: advancing circularity on a large scale and transitioning to closed-loop production. Produced from 60% sustainably sourced wood pulp (responsibly sourced from sustainably managed pine and eucalyptus forests) and 40% certified recycled waste material, Naia™ creates value from hard-to-recycle waste that would otherwise go into landfills. With full traceability from tree to fiber, eco-conscious Naia™ cellulosic fiber is made in the USA with the highest safety, social, and environmental standards. It’s created in a safe, closed-loop process where solvents are recycled back into the system for reuse. Naia™ has an optimized, low-impact manufacturing process with a low tree-to-fiber carbon and water footprint, third-party reviewed with ISO 1444. It is certified biodegradable and compostable.

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