The designing of our pieces starts with choosing the right materials. We always seek materials with high quality, comfort and durability. Regarding sustainability, our top priority is to use traceable, certified and organic materials. Most our current materials are sustainability certified (organic and RWS).


Organic cashmere is a lightweight, yet warm, material that feels soft and luxurious against the skin. We use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cashmere, ensuring material’s status as 100% Organic. GOTS is
a globally recognized standard, guaranteeing adherence to rigorous environmental and social criteria. 

Organic fibres are derived from natural sources cultivated without the reliance on synthetic pesticides (such as insecticides), herbicides or Genetic Modified Organisms (GMOs), adhering strictly to the principles of organic agriculture. Organic agriculture is a production process that sustains the health of ecosystems, soils, and people.

We use only the finest organic cashmere in our products. Since the diameter of cashmere fibre is very small, it makes the yarn finer and softer to the touch. Cashmere is resistant to wrinkles and temperature-regulating and when taken good care of, our knits can last for a lifetime. All these properties make organic cashmere ideal for our pieces.


Merino wool feels silky and smooth against the skin. It isn't itchy and doesn’t wrinkle, which makes it the perfect fabric for everyday wardrobe staples. We use only mulesing-free merino in our products. 

Merino wool is breathable and has temperature-regulating qualities which means it keeps you cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool. Merino wool repels unpleasant odors and thus is a fabric that doesn’t have to be washed as frequently. Merino wool is also a renewable and recyclable natural fibre. All of the above properties make mulesing-free merino wool ideal for our pieces.


Our cozy and soft merino cashmere knits combine the best properties of cashmere and merino wool. Our signature cashmere blend knits come in two different hand-feels - the first one being more matte & woolly and the second one more silky on the surface. Both blends are non-itching, top-notch quality and endlessly comfortable.


Our Ivy Coat is made from a thick blend of alpaca, virgin wool, recycled wool and nylon. The surface of the coat is slightly fuzzy yet with an elegant touch. The material repels dirt naturally, making the coat perfect for everyday use.


Made with organic raw materials, our bouclé cotton blend is OCS certified. It is characterized by the textured surface that gives the yarn its eye catching lofty look yet soft handfeel.

Naia ™ Eastman acetate

Our satin pants and skirts are made from a luxurious and responsible fabric comprising 75% Naia™ cellulosic fiber and 25% polyester. This blend offers a sumptuous and environmentally conscious option compared to regular silk. Its silky, soft texture provides superior comfort and is designed to maintain its quality and aesthetic appeal over time. Wrinkles less than silk, and can be washed in a washing machine without losing its shine and texture.

Produced from 60% sustainably sourced wood pulp and 40% certified recycled waste material, Naia™ has an optimized, low-impact manufacturing process with a low tree-to-fiber carbon and water footprint, third-party reviewed with ISO 1444. It is certified biodegradable and compostable.